If the Answer is “I’m not sure,” or “Not very well,” or “Could be better,” then our In The Loop Workshops were created just for you, so you won’t want to miss out on these opportunities.

If you're still in the dark about social media and what all the hype is about, RUN - don’t walk - to our workshops.
Today, social media and web 2.0 tools have become a quintessential part of an integrated marketing plan and we’ll show you how. Our goal is to equip our clients with the right information to leverage social media and create successful online campaigns to increase their brand awareness.

Join Angel Oakley, Chief Marketing Strategist, Unicatis Marketing Group for one of our informative In The Loop Workshops. She'll give you the information you need to be just as, if not more, successful than our case studies.


Workshop Sessions

We are currently running a Social Media Essentials Series. It includes 6 courses over 12 weeks.

12-Week Series: $300

Individual Class: $60


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