Web Traffic

Is your website giving you the right kind of traffic? Are you converting those prospects? Are you engaging them? Are you paying thousands of dollars to SEO experts or AdWords that aren't getting you where you want to be?

Contact us. We can provide design, hosting, implementation, content management, SEO optimization, and sales automation. If you want e-commerce, forms, forums, faq builders, affiliate programs, and more we can add those too. If you want to leverage your keywords and boost your organic search ranking, we'll help you leverage AdWords to do so. We train our clients to handle as much of the process as they are willing or able to, and we do the rest.

Website Services

Design • Hosting • Management • E-commerce • Sales Automation • Forums • SEO • Adwords • Affiliate Programs • Training • Podcasting • Video

Wheather you are looking to build a new site or revise your existing, we can help. Contact us to speak with a specialist.

Website Design and Hosting

With Unicatis, you get scalable hosting services that meet your needs.  A onetime setup/design fee is quoted per project. Get a quote.

Prices starting as low as $15/mo.

Packages Includes:

  • First Month (free)
  • Unique Company Email 
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Deep Statistics/Analytics
  • Blog
  • Site Search
  • Photo Gallery
  • File Storage
  • Forum/Discussion
  • Change Tracker
  • Google Maps
  • Amazon Items

Available Features:

  • 1GB-Unlimited Storage (easily scalable to your needs) 
  • Bandwidth (scalable to fit your needs)
  • Up to 9 additional email accounts (10 total)
  • POP Email Account Access
  • Subdomains Available Upon Tequest
  • Secondary ftp user accounts (drop box)
  • Detailed Website Analytics (webstats)
  • Custom Error Pages and Email Templates
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Content Management System
  • SSL
  • Directory and FAQ Indexes
  • Private User Areas (client login)
  • SEO Optimized
  • Multiple Editors
  • 99.98 Uptime. Battle hardened architecture.