Marketing Planning


At Unicatis, we take a holistic approach to marketing. Research. Strategic Planning. Creative Development. Result:  An Integrated Marketing Plan that we help you implement to attain desired results. 

We could just design an ad, make up a direct mailer, or set you up with a tradeshow exhibit, but we prefer to develop a connected relationship and provide you with a holistic approach.

Marketing Tip: 

Social Media is all the rage today. Many of our clients have considered abandoning their standard marketing mediums to spend their efforts online, however, we caution them to understand that it's about balance and integrating the new communication tools with the old (tried-and-true).  Online Social Networking is just an extention of Traditional Networking - it's about building relationships and engaging with consumers.

If you're ready for a marketing partner, then we want to talk with you.  We want to learn your business and help you grow.

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