Corporate Training

Implementing a corporate social media policy is important, but if you really want buy in you're going to have to train your employees. We can help you develop a policy that is right for you, identify your social media employees, and design a 3-tier training program that will get your entire organization on board with your new policy.  It's important for your entire staff to understand your company policies, but we take things two steps further: 1. to make sure we engage and leverage your social media employees and 2. to make sure management understands how to include and reward these employees.

What are social media employees you might ask?  They are your employees that, regardless of whether you wanted or allowed them to use social media, would.  They are the ones that are already engaged in online social networking and talk about what they know - which can very well be your business.  These people are natural promoters and many of them don't even work in your marketing department.  It is critical that companies recognize these individuals and engage them. Why? Because if you don't, you might end up turning what could be a great asset into a great liability.  Saying the wrong thing online about your company can have disastrous effects.  Be smart - engage and leverage your social media employees. Contact Us for help.