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Gary V. and social media


Just read Gary V.'s tweet (that turned into a blog post) and I was thinking about it. "Social Media is an amazing creative play, I am stunned that more banner ads or TV spots or Radio and Print don’t activate Social media in the content". Maybe because they are afraid. I think we talked about it before over here and I truly defend the idea that TV, radio or print media (newspaper or magazines) are so afraid of loosing viewers to the internet that social media seems to be a horrible idea. If the old media changes a lot, to try to claim it's viewers from internet, it's going to become something else, like internet. Times are changing, we are witnessing a revolution. Every time a revolution happened in history, like the invention of TV, it didn't put down the old format, in case the radio. But the "old" had to reinvent itself to become part of a new reality. We can try to understand that as a bag full of things in it and we can always find more space to fit something else. The "new" needs to conquer its space and it's not about putting the "old" out of the bag. TV, radio, newspaper and the other communication channels are going to learn how to live with the internet. But for now, fear is a good answer for Gary V.'s question. 

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