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CEO's Using Social Media - Waste of Time?

True or false: Social and business marketing go hand in hand? True.

What about the CEO of a company using social media to promote his company? It seems a little risky, true, but it is possible for a CEO to flex his/her social media muscles and simultaneously strengthen the company.

CEO's, you may currently employ staff to manage various social media networks for your company. But as the big guy behind the desk, the leader of the pack, your social media involvement can have the most influence on your brand’s success by being the one to lead it into the burgeoning arena of social media.

The benefits? The March 2009 Forbes article,  “Yes, CEOs should Facebook and Twitter,” points out that CEO’s no longer have an excuse for ignoring Web 2.0.

If a CEO wants to:

- Extend their brand

- Create a corporate culture based on listening and learning

- Establish a strong leadership profile

- Promote authentic interaction

- Instigate customer action


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Resources to Monetize Your Website

There’s a lot of talking about making money on the internet and this time it is not how you can use your website to boost up your business but rather how you can generate revenue from having a website.

How is it done?

First, imagine a street full of billboards. Imagine Time Square, for example, but this time imagine that all the billboards are blank and there’s no one on the streets. That’s your website before you create content. Now what you need is to create content that will bring people to your website increasing the traffic on your page. From there what you have to do is fill the blank billboards because that’s what’s going to make your website generate revenue.

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Top 10 Reasons Businesses Should Blog

Top 10 reasons to blog professionally....
#10 - It's a Social Experiment - Businesses with time and money should contribute.
#9 - It's a great way to archive/index your email newsletters and press releases.
#8 - It's by far the greatest way to work in all those key words you been trying to jam into your web pages.
#7 - You might actually help someone before they become your customer.
#6 - Done correctly it's a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool.
#5 - Draw customers to you by being helpful and informative - creating interest and desire in your product/service.
#4 - What better place to store all those great customer referrals and stories.
#3 - Name recognition.
#2 - Providing fresh and relevant content for clients and prospects is a great reason for them to revisit your site.
#1 - You can't afford not to. 


Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

I've had several people ask me about the purpose of using LinkedIn. There are so many reasons to use LinkedIn. Here is just a bit of insight into who and how...
Who should use it?
As I see it: job seekers (both active and passive), recruiters, and anyone looking to network.
This covers nearly all business professionals. Aren't we all looking for that next big opportunity?

How do you use it?
First, sign up and complete your profile with accurate information
The more complete your profile the easier it will be for others to find you, plus when you initiate a conversation with someone, the first thing they will do is check your profile.

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