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Yext---Reputation Management

Yext--The next generation in finding local business. A company started in 2006, Yext has been developed to funnel clients to your business through ads:

             Who uses Yext Networks

  • Local search and Yellow Pages sites
  • Mobile search applications
  • Vertical directories and Web portals

It's all about revenue and positive testimonials and Yext has a workforce to help make sure your company gets the help it needs to increase clientele. Yext has listings for appliance repairauto body shopsauto glass repairauto repaircar servicechiropractorscomputer repaircopier repairdriving schoolseye careflooringfurniture repairgymshvac contractorslocksmithsphysical therapistsplumberspodiatristsspasstone shopstowingtv repairvacuum repairvets, and window tinting. And their list is ever-growing. It is a paid membership though it connects you an around-the-clock support service. 

Watch live streaming video from disrupt at


Is there hope for a company like Yext in today's economy?


faceplant--yet another new way to connect

For those with iPhone4's, it can be difficult to take advantage of all the new add-ons. Facetime, one of my favorites, is especially difficult to use because to talk, both parties have to be connected via WIFI. Without knowing a contacts connectivity, it is difficult to connect them through Facetime.

Lucky for us, a new third-party app has been developed to help solve that problem. The app, named faceplant, is used in a similar way to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) in that both parties need to be connected in order to chat. Thanks to iOS4, though, you can log into the app and then close it, and you will remain "logged in" and available for Facetime as long as you stay connected to WIFI. Below is an instructional video of how faceplant works. 

Check it out, and add faceplant to your new iPhone. The more people who have it, the faster it can make it into the mainstream!



Credit: Techcrunch


Social media or social life?

I've been asking myself a lot lately about how I can manage both my social media life and my social real life. Sometimes it's quite hard going out on a weekend, just quitting with all my accounts for 24 hours. Those precious hours would bring me close to my friends, family, and oops! Hey! I'm foreigner. I was born and raised in Brazil. I can't talk that easy with my family or friends. But once the weekend is getting close, the thing I think most is: that's the moment to establish contact with the south land. Because of social media I can get in touch with lots of people at once and get to know almost everything that is going on, even though I'm miles and miles away. Isn't skype such a wonderful tool?

And talking about the USA, no, I'm not lonely. I have great friends. I met wonderful people. And once more because of social media I got to know most of them and I can reach all of them faster specially during the week. It's also before the weekend comes that we can set up things to do and based on we are discussing, find alternatives and other stuff to do.

It was also because of social media that I, a foreigner, could keep track of almost everybody I met over here. All those people will be one day just a memory for me, but we will be able to see shared pictures, videos, (email) addresses and many other kind of information that will keep me in touch with them. 

Yeah, it may be a really simple and ordinary explanation of how social media can change your life, but It's also a way of showing that it works much more than a place for cheap chatting. I'm not preaching for the end of real communication, the real conversation, where you shake hands and hug to say goodbye. But we need to give social media a chance and say that it is an important thing in our lives nowadays. 

And just to finish, isn't that amazing when you come from an unplugged weekend with your friends and check your cluttered inbox with 50, 100 or 150 unread emails? I know, It's the feeling of not being left out.

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Just an observation: all this came up when I read an AdAge article. Really well executed, but, I just think that there's no easy way for us to get rid of all this!


LXD - Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

For the ones that have never heard about it before, LXD is a project by Jon Chu that wanted to create an epic web series with "no special effects. No wires. Real people. Real powers". He really believe on the power of dancers to make things that could be considered unbelievable by others. To better understand the main idea of the project, check them out on TED or read this article on Ad Age.

Despite the whole beautiful concept, I got I little disappointed with the project. Considered a promise for "the internet era", as announced on TED, LXD  doesn't have that big presence on the web. They are doing pretty good on Facebook, twitter could be better, the videos are just really well organized on Hulu (where new chapters are updated every Wednesday), but the content kind of disappointed me. I was expecting something more than just people dancing around. I really thought the plot would get me, so every Wednesday I would run to my computer to watch it. But no. The formula was previously seen on X-men and Heroes.

Even though content is not that good, there's nothing to complain about material quality. It could easily be project on any movie theater. The episodes are short, but they have enough for all the dance, otherwise would be too much and viewers would get tired of it soon.

I'm not sure if they are going to get much more than they have right and I don't want to profess about it. For sure, they are innovative, but it's kind hard to believe that a web series is going to survive without that much promotion. They need more to bit up TV. Much more.



Facebook offline - Facepark - Be Stupid by Diesel

The Italian designer clothing company Diesel decided to inovate once more and promoted an event called Facepark. Based on their new campaign, that promotes the "be stupid" motto, Diesel brought with the event "the clichés of social media plataforms back to the real world in a very literal way". The event had walls, comments, likes, friending and all the other capabilities of Facebook, but the difference is that they were real. The "gathering" was tottaly promoted on the internet through viral videos and the Facebook fan page itself, that counts more than 400.000 fans.

That idea was a call out for "stupid people" that wanted to go analog and spent a day far from computers and Facebook, pretending that the platform was gone and they needed to interact face-to-face.

What do you think of it?

Check out here for more pictures of the event that happened in Berlin.