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Angel Oakley talks about unGeeked Chicago May 12-14, 2011

I have no doubt Social Media is here to stay, the question remains, how will it continue to shape the way we work and play over the coming years.  The way in which we engage on the web continues to change daily, as more companies innovate new ways for us to do so. People ask me all the time, "How can I stay informed? With everything changing so rapidly, I just feel overwhelmed."  For starters, it's important to build a network of resources. Get connected with people who invest a great deal of time staying on the cutting edge.  This will give you the pipeline in.

One great way to meet those people in person is to attend a conference like unGeeked e'lite.  This 3-day retreat will revolutionize the way you approach social media, marketing, and branding; it will also give you an opportunity to form long lasting relationships with amazing professionals from around the country. 

To hear more about my experience with unGeeked, check out this video.


Social Media Policy - Does a company really need one?

Absolutely. If you don't have a social media policy and you have employees, it's time to start thinking about getting a move on.  Even if you don't use social media to market your business, I can guarantee you that at least some of your employees are using social media on their personal time.  Why does this matter?  It matters for a couple reasons: 1. Employees are very likely to post that they work for your company in one or more of their profiles. This means when people Google your company, this employees information may come up;  2. Employees talk about what they know they talk about what effects them, which can often be your business.

Do your employees know the boundaries?  How does their behavior online reflect on your company's brand?  What rights do you have to protect your brand? How do you write a policy? How do you make sure everyone follows the policy?

These are just a few things to think about. This topic is as vast as the Grand Canyon. There are so many issues that are continuing to surface. Please don't think that by refusing to participate in Social Media that you and your company are exempt. Courts have awarded millions to employees and third parties for negligence behavior on behalf of a company.  Prevention is key to protecting your company's brand and financial assets.  

On Friday, May 13, Angel Oakley will be at unGeeked Chicago leading a discussion on Social Media Policy.  She will be working hands-on with business owners and marketing professionals to help them identify their needs and follow a course of action.  If you register to attend the conference, Angel will throw in a free private consultation, plus a 2-hour bonus credit for additional assistance, register to attend using this link.

After you register, send an email to  Include the following information in your email: Subject: Social Media Policy Consult; Body Content: Name, Company, Address, Phone, Email, and best time to reach you.

If you are unable to make the unGeeked event, but would like to talk about your company's Social Media exposure, please contact us for a free initial consultation.


unGeeked is coming to Chicago! May 12-14, 2011

24 Social Media, Marketing, and Branding Practitioners from around the country will be leading discussions with 150 professionals at a very unique conference hosted in Chicago May 12-14. You won't want to miss this one!

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Gary V. and social media


Just read Gary V.'s tweet (that turned into a blog post) and I was thinking about it. "Social Media is an amazing creative play, I am stunned that more banner ads or TV spots or Radio and Print don’t activate Social media in the content". Maybe because they are afraid. I think we talked about it before over here and I truly defend the idea that TV, radio or print media (newspaper or magazines) are so afraid of loosing viewers to the internet that social media seems to be a horrible idea. If the old media changes a lot, to try to claim it's viewers from internet, it's going to become something else, like internet. Times are changing, we are witnessing a revolution. Every time a revolution happened in history, like the invention of TV, it didn't put down the old format, in case the radio. But the "old" had to reinvent itself to become part of a new reality. We can try to understand that as a bag full of things in it and we can always find more space to fit something else. The "new" needs to conquer its space and it's not about putting the "old" out of the bag. TV, radio, newspaper and the other communication channels are going to learn how to live with the internet. But for now, fear is a good answer for Gary V.'s question. 

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Jul282010's Gone Pro

If you are part of a big business and haven't sprung the $995 for's Enterprise account, this may be a reason to do so. is now offering a new analytics dashboard that allows you to see where your links are going on a per-story basis. This is helpful to see what articles are drawing readers to your website, and if your information is being passed around the Internet. Tracking helps you improve your numbers.


(Don't know what is? It's a website that helps shorten URLs to under 15 characters so that it can fit into microblogs and conversations without taking up multiple lines. You can try it for free at


You can see a breakdown of's Enterprise system here.

Source: techcrunch