Get Facebook Timeline Now
Friday, October 28, 2011 at 10:18PM
Unicatis Marketing

By now you may have forgotten that last month Facebook announced it would launch it's new "Timeline" feature by the end of Sept.  Well a little problem arose when the company Timeline sued Facebook for infringement. Seems Timeline had a Facebook Fan Page, which Facebook removed to put their own Facebook Timeline information. It would seem to me that Facebook should have purchased the rights from Timeline, but hey some go by the adage "Do what you want and ask for forgiveness later."  It's scary to think Facebook would have such a slip in ethical judgement, especially when you consider how much we trust them to put all our personal information in the palm of their hands.  

Facebook is now saying they are going to release Timeline as of Oct. 31st.  If you want to get the new Timeline feature and learn how to set and manage your security settings, in addition to getting the most out of Facebook, join us Tues. Oct. 25th at IIT in Wheaton, starting at 6:15pm.  This class will also be available in December through our new Social Media Essentials cohort starting Nov. 15th.

You can also access Facebook's new Timeline feature now by following simple instructions found in this link:

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